moving for love NY

Moving for Love and What to Expect in New York

New York is ideal for Valentine’s Day getaways NY. Whether you’re making a trip to Niagara Falls or skating at Rockefeller Plaza, romance is in the air across the state in February.

But what if you’re getting away to New York not just for Valentine’s Day, but for the long term? Consider the advice below, and you won’t regret moving to New York for love.

Forget a trip to Broadway or staying in on Valentine’s Day. (Ideas for staying in on Valentine’s Day: Ever tried baking together? Creating an in-home spa? Transform your living room into a ballroom?) All great ideas. But nothing says “I love you” like packing up your life to start over in New York.

What are the secrets to making a relationship work after you make a leap for love?  After all, leaving a job, friends and family where you felt comfortable makes for quite an adjustment. You might be wondering “Will I regret moving for love?”

Let’s start with the hard part: Have a discussion about money. Make sure you’re clear about your expectations before the move. Decide who will pay for what, starting with expenses related to the move. (This is the time to hire a top-rated professional New York moving crew from Charles Wood & Son Moving & Storage.) Even if you decide to keep funds separate, developing a joint budget will help you avoid financial fights down the road.

You should also discuss your vision for the future of the relationship. While there are financial advantages to living together, this decision should be about the future of the relationship. Do you both want to get married? Are children in your plans? Do you plan to stay in the city you’re moving to? These are questions you should answer – together – before you move for love.

Another item to get on the same page about: The important of maintaining individual identities and interests. You will of course enjoy walks together, movies on the couch and homemade breakfasts. But you should also consider where you will spend your “alone time” in your new community. Find a gym, a coffee shop or a restaurant that could serve as your home away from home. Spending time apart gives you something to discuss over the dinner table!

Lastly, develop a backup plan. This is not exactly the stuff of Valentine’s Day romance, but it’s important to craft a strategy in case the relationship doesn’t work out. Decide beforehand how you two will handle a breakup, particularly how you will divide property and debts. This could be an awkward conversation, but better to have it now than once a breakup is under way.

Follow this advice and you won’t find yourself looking for love in all the wrong places. Take time to have these important conversations before you move in together. And take a moment to ask Charles Wood & Son for a free moving quote. Call (800) 759-0505 or fill out our online form.

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winter moving tips

Winter Moving Tips

Winter may not be an ideal time to move to New York, but the season’s hazards are easily sidestepped with some planning. Observe these tips for moving in cold weather, and you’ll have the home fires burning in no time.

Watch the weather

We’re all about planning ahead, but let’s face it: Winter weather is unpredictable. Take precautions such as monitoring the weather forecasts projected for both ends of your move.

Flexibility is important, too. A blizzard could force you to reschedule your move, so make sure you have contact information for your professional moving crew. It’s critical to remain on the same page if you’re moving in the snow.

Clear a path

Having an unobstructed path into and out of your current and new homes makes moving safer and less stressful. This is especially important in winter when ice, snow and slush can make for uncertain footing. Clearing walkways and driveways prevents your movers from tramping sludge into the house or slipping while carrying your treasures.

If you can’t get to your new home before the big day, have your realtor or property manager check on it for you.

Dress for the elements

Even if you hire a top moving company like Charles Wood & Son Moving & Storage to do most of the lugging and lifting, you still will find yourself exposed to the elements during the move. Wear layers of warm clothing – including gloves – you can take off and put on as you switch from the outdoors to the indoors.

Check your vehicles

Inspect your vehicles before departing. This ensures your vehicle’s tires, engine and battery are prepared for the rigors of moving in the winter.

Keep key items warm in the car

Don’t put your laptop into a deep freeze! Keep items that are sensitive to temperature – musical instruments, medication, certain antiques – with you in a warm vehicle during the move.

Protect floors and carpets

Moving into a home caked in snow, ice and sludge will hardly put your mind at ease. Nor will seeing salt tracked across your new floors.

Place floor mats at entrances to all outside doors. Drape plastic tarps over wood and tile floors. If your new home has wall-to-wall carpeting, use cardboard to cover walkways. Don’t fret: Charles Wood & Sons’ moving crew will come prepared with such protective items.

Stock up on supplies

You never know when you’ll need to dig your way out when moving in the snow. At both your current and future homes, keep salt and sand readily available, along with a shovel. If you have a snow blower, so much the better. Also consider having a space heater ready just in case temperatures sink below zero and you need to warm up an entry area.

Check utilities

The last thing you want is to show up at your new home and find yourself cold and in the dark. Make sure your heat, water, electricity and other utilities are on and in good working order two days before you move in.

Save on movers

Moving to Long Island in the winter may pose challenges, but there’s a benefit. This is considered the moving “off-season,” which means you can save money hiring movers. A prudent consumer always shops around and asks the right questions, but we’re confident you need look no further than Charles Wood & Son. Get a free quote online or call 800-759-0505.

Edgewater NJ move

Thinking of Moving to Edgewater, NJ?

Edgewater is a borough along the Hudson River in Bergen County, NJ. It’s home to 14,336 people.

Edgewater Population & Demographics

The median age of Edgewater residents is 36.9, below the New Jersey median of 40.2. The median household income is $136,885 – well above the state median of $85,751. Wondering if Edgewater is a safe place to live? At 11 crimes per year per 1,000 residents, it’s on par with the state average. It’s a diverse community where 39% of residents are white, 38% are Asian, 10% are Hispanic and 5% are African-American.

Edgewater Cost of Living

If you’re thinking about moving, you are probably wondering how far your money will go in Edgewater. Is this community affordable? Of course, this will depend on your income and lifestyle, but overall, Edgewater is 47% more expensive than the national average. While some expense categories – such as health care and groceries – mirror U.S. averages, housing costs nearly double the national average. Transportation costs 61% more than the national average.

Homeownership in Edgewater is only 39%, well below the national average of 65%. The median home sale price last year was $840,000. Homes are selling after 86 days on the market, down 26 days from last year. Click to see what’s available in Edgewater.

In Edgewater, nearly 60% of people rent their homes. The average rent cost here is $3,580 a month (for an average apartment size of 1,088 square feet) which is nearly three times the national average of $1,302.

Edgewater Weather

The hottest month of the year in Edgewater is July, when high temperatures average 84 degrees. The coldest month is January, when low temperatures average 28 degrees. It’s the perfect time to use a wood-burning fireplace if you have one!

Things to Do in Edgewater, NJ

There are plenty of options for activities in and around Edgewater. Here are some favorite attractions:

Edgewater Ferry Landing

Moving to Edgewater NJ

Enjoy the sights of the Hudson River and views of Manhattan for the cost of a $9 ferry ride.

SoJo Spa Club

Move to Edgewater NJ

SoJo is a Korean-inspired day spa boasting an unparalleled scope of modern amenities and traditional services from cultures around the world. These are spread across four levels of indoor and fully winterized outdoor facilities.

Additional things to do in and around Edgewater:

Edgewater Restaurants

There are many great restaurant options near Edgewater. Here are a few of the best-rated places in the area:

Haven Riverfront Restaurant and Bar

This modern-chic spot offers a seasonal, locally sourced New American menu, as well as skyline views and patio seating.

2 Main St., Edgewater, NJ 07020

Greek Taverna

Bustling hangout with an open kitchen, lively crowd and generous portion of Mediterranean fare.

55 The Promenade, Edgewater, NJ 07020

Pier 115

Modern, riverfront gastropub dispensing New American cuisine, wood-fired pizza and 100 tap beers.

115 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020

Edgewater Map

Check out what Edgewater has to offer by looking at the map below:

Edgewater, NJ Statistics & Information

Edgewater is located in Bergen County, NJ. Its ZIP code is 07020. Its elevation is 3 feet. Edgewater covers 2.4 square miles. It’s located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Edgewater, NJ Jobs

The median household income in Edgewater is $130, 267 per year. The most popular jobs here are in business/finance, management and sales. About 6% of residents live below the poverty line, which is less than half the national average. The demographic most affected by poverty here is women between ages 35-44.

The average commute time here is about 42.5 minutes, well above the national average of 27 minutes. About 40 percent of residents use public transit, while 39 percent choose to drive alone. Another 13% work at home. Most Edgewater households own only one car.

Looking for employment in the Edgewater area? Click here to check out what is currently listed here on

Schools in Edgewater, NJ

Edgewater Public Schools serve students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Its two schools have an enrollment of about 1,000 students. They’re served by 70 teachers. Students in grades 7-12 attend Leonia Public Schools. Bergen County Technical Schools offer secondary education programs.

Living in Edgewater Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Wages
  • Pro: Proximity to New York City
  • Con: Housing cost
  • Con: Transportation cost

Moving to Edgewater? Hire Edgewater’s best-rated professional moving company to ensure an easy transition! Call Charles Wood & Son Moving & Storage at 800-759-0505 to discuss your move!

Moving Company FAQ

5 Questions to Ask Your New York Moving Company


You’re about to relocate cross-country, and it’s time to hire a moving company. Maybe you are moving to New York, or perhaps you are moving away. Either way, choosing the right movers is a great way to reduce stress during a busy time.

Unfortunately, many New York moving companies rely on misleading pricing, unreliable crews and even uninsured operations to cut corners and cheat customers. Such uncertainty will hardly put your mind at ease.

Here are five questions you should ask your moving company before signing on the dotted line:

1 – Are you accredited and licensed with the FMCSA? Are you a broker or carrier?

Before setting a moving date, you should make sure your movers are licensed and insured. Knowing that the company you’ve hired is up to the task is critical. It is crucial to understand if your mover is a carrier (a moving company with their trucks) or if your mover is a broker (a team that sells moves to moving companies). Hiring a carrier will save you money, and because you will work directly with the team instead of a go-between, you have fewer hoops to jump through.

 Hiring licensed and insured movers protects against anything that might go wrong on the big day, as well as liability coverage for any damages. At Charles Wood & Son , the New York Department of Transportation acknowledges our company as a trusted moving company. Please check out this brochure provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to know all your rights before you move with your selected New York Mover!

2 – What is the actual cost?

You never want to be surprised, learning your bill has doubled – or worse – halfway through a move due to unforeseen fees. Taking the time to double-check the agreed-upon price makes for a worry-free moving day. Get that price in writing on a signed, dated contract. Be wary of any mover who won’t commit to complex figures. Because there are many brokers or rogue movers in New York, we highly suggest researching to ensure you are working with a trusted moving company. Top-Rated New York movers will not have you pay upfront!

3 – How much packing should I do in advance?

When your movers arrive, you must be ready for the crew to start unloading the truck. In addition to having your boxes packed, be sure to put away heavy items from storage drawers, desks, dressers and cabinets. Streamlining the process minimizes the risk of damage.

Remember to ask your movers what items they won’t touch so that you can plan accordingly. Ask about custom crating services for specialty items such as large televisions, antiques, pianos and artwork.

4 – Is a parking permit necessary? Can you offer moving services in this neighborhood of New York?

If you’re moving from an apartment, avoid the headache of locating a spot for the truck on moving day. Ask your company early on about how it handles parking and loading. Your movers can provide information on how they typically handle parking and who to contact if a permit is required. Be sure to list all the information you have for your moving company. Some can call ahead and get a permit, some neighborhoods in New York will require a parking permit. Make sure there’s space for your mover’s trucks on moving day!

5 – What if I want to cancel?

Things come up. If you need to postpone or cancel your move, you want to avoid getting stuck with a bill. Make sure to get your moving company’s cancellation policy in writing. Remember to document your conversations with the company regarding how they might process a cancellation. Record the deadline for cancellation or postponement. This way, there will be no surprises, even if something comes up.

If your moving company can answer these five questions to your satisfaction, you should sign on that dotted line. Charles Wood & Son Moving, the top movers on Long Island, can answer these questions and more. Find out by calling 800-759-0505 or using our moving calculator online.

Other questions to ask your moving company:

What type of valuation coverage do you offer?
Legitimate movers will offer comprehensive coverage to make sure your belongings are insured if anything unexpected happens.

Where can I find your most recent reviews or testimonials?
Legitimate movers will have REAL reviews from real moves they serviced. Ask your friends and family for referrals.

Where is your office located?
Real moving companies will have an area of operations. Brokers can buy and sell moves all day in their apartment.

What other services do you offer?
Legitimate movers will have comprehensive moving packages to make sure they can fulfill your needs. Learn more about our moving services here. At Charleswood, we are partners with National Van Lines. Because of our partnership, we can move you long distance, anywhere in the world. Click here and learn how far our network extends! 

Moving to Rye NY

Thinking of Moving to Rye?


Looking for a coastal suburb in Westchester County, N.Y? Its waterfront covers 60 percent of Rye and is home to two historic landmarks: the Boston Post Road Historic District, featuring the childhood home of founding father John Jay, and Playland, highlighted by one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the Northeast.

Rye Population & Demographics

The median age of residents is 43, above the New York median of 39. The median household income is $193,919 – well above the state’s $72,108. Are you wondering if the area is a safe place to live? Its crime rate is just 2 per 1,000 people. However, the neighborhood is not a diverse community: 78% of residents are white. Six percent are Asian, and 5% are Hispanic.

Rye Cost of Living

If you’re considering moving, you probably wonder how far your money will go. Is this community affordable? Of course, this will depend on your income and lifestyle, but overall, Rye is 188% more expensive than the national average. Housing costs significantly more than state and national norms. The median home cost is $1.95M – six times the New York median and nearly seven times the U.S. median of $291,700.

Homeownership is 70%, above the national average of 65%. The median home sale price in August was $1.75M – a 3 percent decline from the previous year. Homes are selling after 19 days on the market. Click to see what’s available in the neighborhood.

About 25% of people rent their homes. The average rent is $2,631 (for an average apartment size of 739 square feet), double the national average of $1,302.

Rye Weather

The hottest month in the area is July, when high temperatures average 84 degrees. The coldest month is January when the low-temperature averages 25 degrees.

Things to Do in Rye, NY

There are plenty of options for activities. Here are some favorite attractions:

Marshlands Conservancy

Hiking trails provide ideal avenues for bird-watching and exploring. You can spot white-tail deer and wild turkeys by Marshlands Conservancy’s waterfront views.

220 Boston Post Rd, Rye, NY 10580

 Playland Park

This iconic amusement park is near the Long Island Sound. The amusement park covers 280 acres. Playland opened in 1928 and has attracted millions of families.

1 Playland Pkwy, Rye, NY 10580

Jay Heritage Center

The Jay Estate was the childhood home of U.S. founding father John Jay, the first Supreme Court Chief Justice. A National Historic Landmark, the Jay Heritage Center affords breathtaking oceanfront views.

210 Boston Post Rd, Rye, NY 10580

Additional things to do:

Rye Restaurants

There are many fantastic restaurant options. Here are a few of the best-rated establishments in the city:

Kneaded Bread

Different loaves of bread and buns are specialties of this breakfast-and-lunch favorite, but Kneaded Bread also is known for its salads, soups and sandwiches.

191 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

Rye Grill and Bar

Veranda seating is a favorite, as is gazpacho, fried calamari and short rib ravioli.

1 Station Plz, Rye, NY 10580

Rye Map

Check out what the area and neighboring communities has to offer by looking at the map below:


Rye, NY Statistics & Information

After a split from the town of Rye in 1942, this city is New York’s youngest. Residents use Eastern time, and the population is 16,592. The city uses the 10580 ZIP code and the 914 area code. 


The most popular jobs here are professional services, finance/insurance, education and health care. Finance and insurance jobs pay up to $250,000 here. Less than 5 percent of Rye’s population live below the poverty line, 7 percent lower than the national average. The demographic most affected by poverty here is women between 18 and 24.

The average resident commutes 39 minutes, 14 minutes longer than the national average. Nearly 42 percent of residents choose to drive alone to work rather than carpool. Almost 32% use public transit—about 17% work from home. About 40% of households own two cars.

Are you looking for employment in the area? Click here to check out what is available on

Schools in Rye, NY

There are three public elementary schools, as well as a middle and high school. Additionally, Rye High has been named a Gold Medal school, with test scores ranking among the best in the state. (Check out this guide on switching schools after a cross-country move.)

Living in Rye Pros & Cons

  • Pro: High-paying jobs
  • Pro: Top-notch schools
  • Con: Cost of living

Are you moving to Rye, New York? Hire Rye’s best-rated professional moving company to ensure an easy transition! Give Charles Wood Moving a call today at 800-759-0505 to discuss your move! Don’t think Rye is for you? Don’t worry, because we are an agent of National Van Lines, we are capable of moving you ANYWHERE! Click here to learn more about our national moving services. 


new york bugs

How to Eliminate New York Pests


You’ve just moved into your beautiful New York home. It’s perfect … except for some uninvited guests. You’ve noticed some pests hanging around the place that could make life uncomfortable. Nosy neighbors? Door-to-door salespeople? Sorry, we can’t help you there. But if roaches, rodents, bugs or other common home pests are plaguing you, read on for solutions.


The goal is to eliminate pests in your home without using chemicals that might harm your family or pets. Your first order of business is to identify the pests in and around your house. Unfortunately, there are a lot of common insects in New York. These range from fleas to bees, from moths to spiders to stink bugs.

Then there are the rodents: Moles, mice and squirrels. They seem cute until they’re infesting your home and refusing to leave—like those nosy neighbors.


You can always call a New York pest control company to solve your problem. But with all the expenses that go into moving, you’re watching every dime. You’ll be relieved to learn affordable and safe do-it-yourself pest control options abound.

Start with peppermint oil: In addition to making your new home smell lovely, mint plants and peppermint oil naturally repel ants, spiders and even mice. Mix a few drops of peppermint oil in water, then shake and spray the mixture around doorways, vents and windows.

Lavender is another essential oil that repels moths, fleas, flies and mosquitos. Place sachets of dried lavender in closets, or pour lavender essential oil into the water and spray the mixture around your new home to keep bugs away.

This next one is a mouthful, but it’s effective: Diatomaceous earth won’t hurt people, but it kills any insect with an exoskeleton. Made from crushed algae, DE dehydrates and eliminates stink bugs, earwigs, bed bugs, beetles and spiders. Buy it by the bottle or by the bag.

Neem oil kills more than 200 types of insects but won’t hurt people or wildlife. Made from the Neem tree, you can spray this oil on indoor plants to control aphids and flies.

Another effective natural chemical is pyrethrin, extracted from chrysanthemums. This insecticide wreaks havoc on insects’ nervous systems. Spray pyrethrin directly onto insects for immediate results.

Finally, there’s the time-tested option known as flytraps, which ensnare flies and moths and centipedes.


Besides family pets in a cage, you don’t want rodents near your new home. These are steps you can take to keep pesky pests out:

– Trim or remove bushes, trees and shrubs near your home: Rats and mice love hiding in shady spots around home edges. Squirrels like to enter homes via trees that hang over the roof.

– Secure pet food: Rodents love to chow down on the food they buy for beloved family pets. Don’t leave open bags of kibble out for the neighborhood pests to devour. Secure food in bins you can close, and place heavy objects atop those containers.

– Close the gaps: Look for gaps or cracks around doors, windows and your new home’s foundation. Fill them with steel wool, which irritates the teeth of mice and rats. Caulking is an option for smaller gaps.

You must focus on removal if it’s too late to prevent rodent infestation. Various traps are available, from the traditional snapping mousetrap to electric traps that lure critters and administer electric shocks. They’re fatal to mice and other small rodents but are safe for kids, unlike poison.

Mousetraps aren’t the only time-tested option: One great way to get rid of rodents is by adding a cat to the family. You’ll find a barn cat, or any cat raised outdoors, is an effective exterminator and deterrent.


Now that you’ve acquired your dream home and are moving to New York, be sure to line up a quality, budget-friendly moving company—Charles Wood & Son Moving & Storage. Get started with a free moving quote, or call us at (800) 759-0505. Are you moving out of New York? Because we are partners with National Van Lines, we are able to move you wherever! 

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Installing Solar Panels in NY

Cost of Installing Solar Panels in New York


So, you’re moving cross-country to New York and immediately learning everything is expensive.

Here’s a ray of sunshine: Installing solar panels can cut your electric bill.

New York averages 150 hours of sunshine per month even in winter, and receives more than 250 hours per month over the summer. Think of the average energy produced by solar panels, and their effect on your power bill! The average homeowner saves $25,000 over the life of their system. The payback period for installing solar in New York is only 10 years.

Are you Eligible for Solar Tax Credit and other Tax Benefits?

More good news: Homeowners are eligible for the New York Solar Tax Credit and the federal solar investment tax credit. The Net Energy Metering program enables homeowners to sell the surplus electricity their systems generate. Establishing your own power grid will protect your home from blackouts. Talk about a “win-win-win” deal: Using a renewable energy source to take the burn out of air conditioning costs, while ensuring you can keep the lights on. There are no disadvantages of solar panels for your home.

There are up-front expenses, though. Purchase and installation costs $15,000-$25,000 for the average residential system. Think of it as a long-term investment that will pay off over time. Imagine your delight as you not only erase your power bill, but begin receiving money from your utility!

Increase Your Home’s Value!

Installing solar increases your home’s value, too. A Zillow study found homes with solar panels sell for 4 percent more than comparable homes without. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates a home’s value can increase up to $15,000 thanks to solar.

This should be welcome news for New York transplants suffering from sticker shock. Now that your moving company has delivered your last truckload of boxes, be sure to make choices with the long term in mind. Money spent today becomes money saved tomorrow. Just like hiring professional movers paid off by ensuring your priceless treasures arrived in New York intact, investing in solar energy will set you up for a bright future in your new home state.

Investing in residential solar panels New York is a great choice. If you’re moving to or from New York, make another great choice by choosing Charles Wood & Son Moving & Storage. Click here for your free moving quote, or give them a call at 800-759-0505 to start preparing for your move!

Are you moving to the Southwest soon? Make sure you know what sort of bugs and critters you’ll be dealing with once you get there.

how to install a ceiling fan

How to Install a Ceiling Fan in Your New York Home

Old ceiling fan not working after your move?

No one would blame you, after a cross-country move, if you decided to make your “how to install a ceiling fan” as short as: 1. Hire a professional. 2. Take a nap.

But believe it or not, putting up a fan in your new home is a simple job you can handle. Starting a garden might be a tad bit easier, but only because you don’t have to shut off a power supply. Just make sure you can carry the weight of your new ceiling fan. The average weight of a ceiling fan can weigh over 20 pounds! You’ll need two hours of time and a few common tools. This will be a breeze. If you have a condo, ceiling fan installation might be even easier. Just ask your HOA what they can do for you!


How to install a ceiling fan:

Part 1

  1. First, cut the power – The first step is a biggie. Go to the circuit breaker box and shut off the electricity to the room you’re working on before touching any wiring. Otherwise you’re in for a shock.
  2. Next, remove the old fixture – Use a ladder to reach the ceiling, screwdriver in hand. Hold the old fixture in place as you unscrew it. It should easily detach.
  3. After, disconnect the old fixture’s wires – Find the spot where the old fixture’s wires are held to the ones coming from the ceiling. Make sure the old fixture is supported by something other than the wires and begin removing the plastic connectors. Then lower the old fixture to the floor. (You shouldn’t need to cut wires or rewire anything.)
  4. Take out the old ceiling box – Do you see that circular metal fitting that other fixtures attach to? Look for the screws (or nails) holding it in place and remove them. (You might need a flashlight here.)

You’re making progress. The old fixture is gone. It’s time to install the ceiling fan that will grace your new home for years to come.

Part 2
Section A

  1. Ready? Next, let’s check out what’s left behind: Use a flashlight to peer into the hole in your ceiling where the new box will be installed. If you’re lucky, there will be a stud in sight. If not, buy an adjustable hanger bar that will hold taut between two joists. (Don’t try to hang a ceiling fan from drywall!) If the opening in the ceiling is directly below wooden framing, you can screw the fan box directly into that.
  2. After, prepare the ceiling – Cut around the hole in the ceiling to make sure it’s the right size. Hold the fan box up to the ceiling and trace around it. Use a drywall saw to cut away the excess until the fan box fits.
  3. Feed the cables – As you lift the new ceiling box into the ceiling, thread the wiring coming from the ceiling through the hole in the ceiling box.
  4. Hold everything in place – Fasten the box in place, whether it’s to a stud, a joist or a hanger bar. Although there’s no adventure in following the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s a good idea here.
  5. Attach the ceiling plate – Hold the ceiling plate or fan bracket up to the fan box and pull all the wires through the center. Use the provided screws to hold them tightly in place. Turn to the instructions again here, as methods for attaching plates and brackets can vary.

    Part 2

    Section B

  6. Attach the downrod to the fan body – Hopefully you’ve already purchased a fan that fits the room. Now it’s time to attach the downrod – the long metal pipe used to distance the fan from the ceiling – to the fan body. Thread the wires through the downrod, set it in place atop the fan body and tighten the screws around the downrod’s base until it is securely attached to the fan body.
  7. Lift up the fan – Grab that ladder again and carefully lift the fan assembly toward the ceiling. Bring in a helper if needed.
  8. Connect the neutral wires – Find the wires with white coverings. Hold the two neutral wires together and twist the stripped ends together. Use a plastic wire connector to hold them together, securing it with electrical tape.
  9. Connect the ground wires – Now look for wires that are green or bare. Twist them together and secure them.
  10. Connect the remaining wires – Any remaining wires will be hot wires, used to power the fan and lights. In most cases they’re black. Twist them together and secure them.
  11. Tuck the wires away – Carefully push the wires coming from the ceiling into the fan box to secure them. Make sure no wiring is left exposed.You’re almost done!

    Part 3

  12. Mount the fan – The canopy will lift up from the down rod and cover the wiring and socket that hold the fan in place. Screw the canopy to the fan box.
  13. Attach the blades – One by one, lift the fan blades up to their mountings. Secure them in place.
  14. Install light fixtures – If there are light fixtures on your fan’s underside, they should be simple to wire and secure.
  15. Finally, restore power – Return to your circuit breaker box and turn the power to the room back on. Then turn on the fan at the wall switch to ensure it’s working.

The final step involves sitting back and enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done. Sure, installing a fan yourself is a bit more work than calling in professional. But there are some jobs you can handle on your own.

Remember, strange shaped fans, such as orient ceiling fans with lights or those neon light ceiling fans might take additional information to set up.

When it comes to moving across the country, you’re best-off hiring pros like Charles Wood and Son Moving & Storage. When it comes to installing a ceiling fan, it’s safe to let those DIY juices flow. That is, after you’ve cut the power at the junction box.

Need help moving after installing your new fan?

If you’re looking for one of the best moving companies Suffolk County, you can count on Charles Wood and Son Moving & Storage. They can hook you up with a no obligation moving quote, either online or via phone at (800) 759-0505.


NY Sports Guide



Before Michael Strahan was on Good Morning America, he won a championship with the New York Giants. Before Derek Jeter built one of the largest houses Florida has ever seen, he was Jeedah, playing shortstop and winning a World Series.

New York’s athletes are as famous as its skyline, and now that you’re a New York resident or about to be, you are going to get to know New York athletes and the sports teams for whom they play.

You decided to make the move. You researched moving companies in Long Island and now are part of the New York scene.

Welcome to the hardest city in the world to play sports, where everyone scrutinizes each move.

But if you have left your favorite teams to start a new life in the New York area, you have landed in a place where people are true sports fans.

The only problem, the winning days of New York sports teams is in a bit of a slump, one of the worst in the nation.

The last team to win a championship here is the New York Giants in 2011. Heck, the Yankees have not won since 2009 and the Knicks since 1973. The Nets and WNBA Liberty have never won.

And the Jets. Don’t get me started. They have not won since Joe Namath in 1969.

So, it may be a long season.

But fear not, these teams are all getting close.

Here’s a guide to your New York teams if you want to catch a game.


The good news is the Yankees have the best record in baseball right now. And Aaron Judge is the home run king they have been looking for. The Yankees are one of the top teams favored to win the World Series, but fizzled in the playoffs lately. But this may be their year.

While home runs are fun to watch, baseball is about pitching. And the Yankees have some of the best with Gerrit Cole, Aroldis Chapman and Luis Severino.

Get to the ballpark now and have a very happy season.


Ok, we don’t need to mention the worst play in Boston history when Bill Buckner let a groundball slip through his legs near first base that led to the Mets last World Series in 1986. But if you are going to a Mets game, you have to know this.

Also, while the Mets have been terrible over the years wasting tons of good talent, they are one of the best teams in baseball this year. And they are currently second in the National League and are picked to challenge for a trip to the World Series this year.


This team is still on a major rebuild and only won four games last year. They have been looking for a quarterback for years and are still going with Daniel Jones. The team finished in last place in their division last year and expect some of the same this year.


J-E-T-S. JETS, JETS, JETS!  That is what fans chant during games. While the chant is fun, it hasn’t done much for touchdowns as of late. They drafted quarterback Sam Darnold a few years back with the top pick, only to send him packing to the Carolina Panthers.

Now, they have drafted Zach Wilson and hoping he can find a winning season. The Jets doubled their season wins last season from the season before, so fans, you’re going in the right direction. With any luck, it will only a few more years for a championship-winning season.


This team has been in a rebuild since Patrick Ewing left almost 20 years ago. But if you go to a game, there is a good chance you can see movie director Spike Lee on the sidelines, the Knicks’ biggest fan.

Two seasons ago the Knicks made the playoffs with some upsets. Last year they finished one spot out of the play-in games. This year look for the team to be back in the postseason. Led by their top player Julius Randle.


You don’t need to watch a soap opera during the day — you have to follow the Brooklyn Nets.

Will Kyrie Irving play? Will he get vaccinated? Will he take more time off for whatever reason?

Will the James Harden trade work out?

OK, no.

But they did get Ben Simmons from Philadelphia — although he never played in the playoffs.

And will Kevin Durant regret coming to a team that will give Days of Our Lives a run for an Emmy for best daytime drama.

Tune in.

AHH, wait. They lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Maybe next year.


The Rangers are having a good season and are in a tough second-round series with the Carolina Hurricanes. The team has a shot this year to make it to the Stanley Cup, but keep in mind they have not won a championship since 1994.


The WNBA team is off to a slow start this year and in last place. They have never won a title, but have a talented roster that includes Rebecca Allen, a top defensive player in the league.


The MLS season is in full-swing and New York City is one of the top teams this year. The team took home the MLS title last year with a 4-2 win over Portland.


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move plants

How do I move my plants?

Your home looks like a greenhouse. There are plants everywhere you turn. You are the best plant parent ever. But now, you are moving and you don’t know how to move your plants. Most people wouldn’t understand how important your plants are in this process, but we do.

Plant moving can be tricky, but there are ways to make sure your leafy friends are well taken care of.

Check out these tips to find out the best way to move plants.

Preparing Your Plants for the Move

First, you sit them down and tell them there will be some changes. Just kidding. (Although if you talk to your plants, don’t stop now!) Keep taking care of them the way you have been, keeping the same watering schedules and such. If your plants are able to fit in your vehicle, make sure you skip watering them a couple days before you move, up until you get to your new home. You’re not going to want mud dripping in your car. Check your plants for any pests they may have, and prune any dead or dying leaves in preparation for the journey. You will also want to put your plants into plastic pots, if they are not already in some.

How to Move Plants Cross Country

  • If you can, place your plants in the vehicle in or near seats, buckled if necessary. For smaller plants, place their pots in an open box and buckle them in. Don’t put your plants in the trunk—though we probably didn’t have to tell you that.
  • Just like any family member needing a pit stop, your plants need a break too. Mist them with some water and make sure they are situated for light. Car windows can intensify sunlight, so consider a baby shade if you have a plant that’s especially sensitive to direct sunlight.
  • Put your plants in a good area as soon as you arrive in your new place. Water them and inspect for any damage too.

Best Way to Move Large Potted Plants

If you have a massive plant that will require some help, make sure you use an appliance dolly to transport your Seymour-like friend. Ask for help when putting it in your vehicle, and make sure your plant will clear the top of your car or van! Bubble wrapping the pot will help it remain in one piece along the way. A bungee cord will help keep it in once place while you move.

Best Ways to Move House Plants

When getting ready for plant moving, preparation is essential:

  • Your plant may be affected by the heating/cooling from your car. Close or tilt away any vents near where your plant will be.
  • Use a bed sheet or other breathable material to wrap around your plant, be sure it’s not too tight. Ask at your local greenhouse if they have any tips for this. You want to make sure your plant makes it to your new home without any damage.

Will Movers Move Plants?

Unfortunately, most professional movers will not move plants. Some companies may if the distance is less than 150 miles, and the move is within the same state. Double-check with your moving company. If you need anything else moved out-of-state, we can take care of you. Because we are an agent of National Van Lines we are capable of taking your move anywhere you need! And watch out for fraudulent movers; don’t be a victim of a moving scam!

Plants and Moves: Tough Decisions

As much as you want to bring every plant with you, you probably know that you may have to leave plants behind. Check with your local greenhouse if it’s possible to take a cutting from your plant to propagate it at your new home. If you are leaving family, friends, and/or coworkers you will miss, consider giving your larger, more cumbersome plants to them. It’s a great way to make sure your plants are taken care of, and it makes a wonderful gift to a loved-one who you will miss and will miss you. If you don’t have anyone to take your plants, check with local businesses, nursing homes, schools or nurseries. Plants are a treasure, and just because you’re moving doesn’t mean your plant will be forgotten!

Knowledgeable Movers

Charles Wood & Son Moving & Storage is a reputable, professional moving company that will put you at ease about your upcoming move. Contact them for a free moving quote by clicking here or give them a call at (800) 759-0505