Small Move Solutions

Arpin PAC — The perfect solution for a New York small move

At Charles Wood Moving, we know that every move is not the same.  And sometimes, thinking inside of the box can save you time and money on a New York small move.

When you are only moving a few items, or have a small move to a new state, we have a better option – Arpin PAC (Planned Arrival Containerization). We combine our international expertise with our domestic moving process to deliver your stress-free New York small move saving you time and money. Arpin PAC  is an innovative program that uses shipping containers to hold and move your items, simplifying packing and transportation, and allowing you to have access to your belongings faster so you can focus on settling in your new home.

Arpin PAC provides the following benefits:

  •  Professional packing into a professional shipping container
  •  Faster transit and delivery times
  •  Simplified pricing for improved budgeting
  •  Specific pick-up and delivery dates
  •  Performance in less time than the industry average
  •  Decreased potential for loss or damage to your household goods

Charles Wood Moving is ready to deliver your stress-free small New York move. Call 1-800-759-0505 to get started.