Before Michael Strahan was on Good Morning America, he won a championship with the New York Giants. Before Derek Jeter built one of the largest houses Florida has ever seen, he was Jeedah, playing shortstop and winning a World Series.

New York’s athletes are as famous as its skyline, and now that you’re a New York resident or about to be, you are going to get to know New York athletes and the sports teams for whom they play.

You decided to make the move. You researched moving companies in Long Island and now are part of the New York scene.

Welcome to the hardest city in the world to play sports, where everyone scrutinizes each move.

But if you have left your favorite teams to start a new life in the New York area, you have landed in a place where people are true sports fans.

The only problem, the winning days of New York sports teams is in a bit of a slump, one of the worst in the nation.

The last team to win a championship here is the New York Giants in 2011. Heck, the Yankees have not won since 2009 and the Knicks since 1973. The Nets and WNBA Liberty have never won.

And the Jets. Don’t get me started. They have not won since Joe Namath in 1969.

So, it may be a long season.

But fear not, these teams are all getting close.

Here’s a guide to your New York teams if you want to catch a game.


The good news is the Yankees have the best record in baseball right now. And Aaron Judge is the home run king they have been looking for. The Yankees are one of the top teams favored to win the World Series, but fizzled in the playoffs lately. But this may be their year.

While home runs are fun to watch, baseball is about pitching. And the Yankees have some of the best with Gerrit Cole, Aroldis Chapman and Luis Severino.

Get to the ballpark now and have a very happy season.


Ok, we don’t need to mention the worst play in Boston history when Bill Buckner let a groundball slip through his legs near first base that led to the Mets last World Series in 1986. But if you are going to a Mets game, you have to know this.

Also, while the Mets have been terrible over the years wasting tons of good talent, they are one of the best teams in baseball this year. And they are currently second in the National League and are picked to challenge for a trip to the World Series this year.


This team is still on a major rebuild and only won four games last year. They have been looking for a quarterback for years and are still going with Daniel Jones. The team finished in last place in their division last year and expect some of the same this year.


J-E-T-S. JETS, JETS, JETS!  That is what fans chant during games. While the chant is fun, it hasn’t done much for touchdowns as of late. They drafted quarterback Sam Darnold a few years back with the top pick, only to send him packing to the Carolina Panthers.

Now, they have drafted Zach Wilson and hoping he can find a winning season. The Jets doubled their season wins last season from the season before, so fans, you’re going in the right direction. With any luck, it will only a few more years for a championship-winning season.


This team has been in a rebuild since Patrick Ewing left almost 20 years ago. But if you go to a game, there is a good chance you can see movie director Spike Lee on the sidelines, the Knicks’ biggest fan.

Two seasons ago the Knicks made the playoffs with some upsets. Last year they finished one spot out of the play-in games. This year look for the team to be back in the postseason. Led by their top player Julius Randle.


You don’t need to watch a soap opera during the day — you have to follow the Brooklyn Nets.

Will Kyrie Irving play? Will he get vaccinated? Will he take more time off for whatever reason?

Will the James Harden trade work out?

OK, no.

But they did get Ben Simmons from Philadelphia — although he never played in the playoffs.

And will Kevin Durant regret coming to a team that will give Days of Our Lives a run for an Emmy for best daytime drama.

Tune in.

AHH, wait. They lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Maybe next year.


The Rangers are having a good season and are in a tough second-round series with the Carolina Hurricanes. The team has a shot this year to make it to the Stanley Cup, but keep in mind they have not won a championship since 1994.


The WNBA team is off to a slow start this year and in last place. They have never won a title, but have a talented roster that includes Rebecca Allen, a top defensive player in the league.


The MLS season is in full-swing and New York City is one of the top teams this year. The team took home the MLS title last year with a 4-2 win over Portland.


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